Tumblr finally brings out a subscription model that lets its bloggers earn

The growth of social media over the years is massive, in the past 10 years a large percentage of the world population has joined different social platforms and almost every other person is now signed up on one or many social platforms. The growth of social media seems to be nowhere near stopping, according to a report around 16.5 join social media every second. This immense user base that keeps on increasing surely does attract a lot of investors to jump in and create their own social platform. This has caused a whole lot of social platforms to be released in the last few years, however only a few of them actually managed to win a good amount of users. The increase in the number of social platforms have caused the whole social media industry to be very competitive. The competition between different social platforms are now more than ever, almost all social platform compete on the basis of features, speed, user experience and a bunch of other things. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and TikTok are amongst the ones that always stay in competition by releasing identical features and are constantly trying to make their user experience better than others.

While features, speed, experience are things that these social giants can control, one growth factor that they cannot control is ‘creators’. The reason why creators are such an important growth factor is because creators are the people that put out content on the platform and make it interesting, moreover a creator also brings his audience on the platform thus increasing the platforms user base. Social media companies can’t control creators since creators are usually not on the platforms payroll rather they earn money largely through advertisements or sponsorship thus they stick to the platform that offers them the most ways to make money which.

Platforms in the last few years have learned this, which is why now platforms are in a constant war to gain more creators. Tumblr a microblogging and social networking site is amongst the newest social platform that introduced a way for its creators to earn.

The platform has announced a feature named ‘Post Plus’ which works on a subscription model and allows its writers to charge a subscription fee which ranges from $3.99, $5.99, or $9.99. Writers can choose which blog post they want to designate for their subscribers thus making the blog post only visible to people that pay for the subscription. This will push a lot of writers to write blogs on Tumblr, however Tumblr has announced that it will charge 5% of the earnings each writer makes.

As of now the Post Plus feature is only available for limited creators and is in its beta version however is expected to release in a few months’ time.

The platform being 14 years old had quite a lot of users, however the platform has been losing a lot of users lately. With the release of Post Plus the company is expecting an increase in the number of users.

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