Scouting New Social Platforms: Keep Safety in Mind

Trends by their very nature are fleeting, and there’s no doubt that social media platforms thrive on social trends. Right now, people barely remember that MySpace - big as it was - even existed. And while giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may seem big enough to stick around for a while, there’s no guarantee. On top of that, new social media platforms constantly rise (though not always for long).

Look at how popular TikTok has become in the span of fewer than 5 years. It’s hard to judge how far the platform can ride this popularity wave. But anyone who’s on the lookout for a fresh way to have fun, forge connections, or gain an audience should watch for new social trends.

This can be a solid option for marketers as well. Marketers should hedge their bets by taking advantage of emerging platforms and technologies to reach new customers. So, here’s a look at some rising stars in the social media sphere that might be perfect investments.


It’s hard to imagine anyone taking a new approach to video, given its dominance on all today's major platforms, from YouTube and TikTok to Reels on Instagram and Snaps on Snapchat. Video is everywhere.

Yet Houseparty has succeeded in bringing something new to the table anyway. The live video chat app lets people jump into group chats with their contacts, as long as they’re online. People can also get into group chats if they know at least one person in there. Although at this point, the app doesn’t allow groups of more than 8 people.

The platform became so popular; it was acquired by Fortnite creator Epic Games in 2019. According to Techcrunch, the Houseparty gained around 50 million new users during April 2020 alone.


Founded in 2012 and called Sgrouples at first, MeWe wouldn’t make its official launch until 2016. Despite having a similar structure to Facebook, with a newsfeed filled with posts from friends, it claims to be different. Its creators have positioned it as the anti-Facebook by implementing different privacy and security features.

Along with its focus on privacy, MeWe also doesn’t seem to regulate or censor content, at least to the extent that mainstream social media platforms do. These features came in handy when the app became popular during the Hong Kong protests.

According to NPR, MeWe also got a massive surge in users in 2021 (totaling around 16 million users on the app). However, this surge was likely a direct result of right-wing voices looking for an alternative to Parler after the White House insurrection.

Caffeine is set up as a direct competitor to the major gaming live video streaming platform Twitch. Despite filling a similar function, there are a few notable differences. For one, Caffeine focuses on low latency live streaming to foster better interaction. Partnerships with brands like Fox Sports also give it access to various content that Twitch doesn’t have.

These differences, as well as a ripe market (filled with Gen Z-ers looking for the next big thing), have fueled its rise. The app keeps its user count under wraps, but according to Mediakix, receives about 1 million monthly users. The company has also revealed that it has received investment contributions upwards of $259 million so far.

Gaming Tribe (GTribe)

According to the platform, there are currently over 5 million users on GTribe. Much like MeWe, GTribe has a similar structure to Facebook - newsfeed, DMs, pages and all - but aimed at gamers. The platform also partners with various gaming brands to host different giveaways and streams.

It gives gamers, a massive market all on its own, the chance to gush about their favorite games, hardware, and software with like-minded peers.

Scouting New Social Platforms: Keep Safety in Mind

The search for a new type of social media diversion can be exciting, but stay aware that this is the internet. The same internet is full of hackers, privacy violations, and stalkers. So, despite the appeal of something new and flashy, stay cautious and don’t share personal information.

Be careful when downloading new apps. Try to make sure that it's the real thing, and check the app’s permissions before downloading. Also, review its privacy settings and turn off anything that seems sketchy. Even better, use a VPN service for safety. VPN apps are easy to install. A good VPN service provides you a secure, encrypted tunnel for online traffic to flow. Nobody can see through the tunnel and get their hands on your internet and personal data.

When using new apps, please don’t click on any links sent from strangers and be careful about telling them anything. Don’t share personal information or photos with strangers - sextortion is a real and prevalent trap that many people fall into.


Social media can be entertaining, comforting, and wholesome. It also can be addictive, disheartening, and downright malicious. But one thing is for sure; it’s here to stay - in one form or another. So, best get with the times and find the next big thing on that horizon!
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