Google advances into eCommerce by optimizing its search engine for better deals

Opening into the 21st Century was the rise of online shopping and with Amazon and Alibaba storming the internet every day with advanced feature and ease of access, Google’s search engine had taken into consideration it a tad bit. However, the brains at Google felt that there was more to be explored in the digital world and the marketplaces. This leads the development team to explore multiple eCommerce options across the decade only to launch one this year that revolutionized how deals and bargains work over the internet.

Similar to what makes Google the best search engine across the world, this new feature carries on its legacy of bringing millions of options in front of you. This was extended to the products and market that saw a rise over the past 2 years due to COVID-19 and everything going online. With this feature, every deal available on the internet in reference to the keywords entered will be displayed to the user to select from. This is furthered by an option to visit all deals from all platforms and not just one specific giving online shopping a whole new spin. Markets would now have to compete not only on the specific websites they are dominant on like Amazon, but also take into consideration the millions of users that will be seeing the same through Google and its Search Engine.

This is also available as deals are prioritized and promotions and discounts will be the first on the screen. Secondly, the more specific the search is the more accurate the deals would be, on the other hand, even vague searches would provide more options and better deals but with less accuracy.

Building on that, Google has promised filters and promoted content in the search engine along with deals and increased accuracy by October of 21 making it just weeks before Black Friday and Cyber Monday as the greatest influx of Online Shopping takes place on these very two days. Further details on ad optimization and retailer dealings are yet to be disclosed to the audience, however, we can expect more updates from Google in regards to online shopping as Google’s development department has gone full scale over the past few weeks or upgrades to the user’s shopping experience online.

Furthermore, Google is also planning to allow merchants to advertise their products on the search engine deals as well as the deals that are uploaded to the merchant center are now being integrated into the search engine giving great news to the owners of an increased audience and more coverage on Google.

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