TikTok’s new report on its ad’s emotional response gives interesting insights

TikTok on July 19th published a report that focuses on explaining how advertisements on TikTok have a much greater utility than other social platforms out there. The report consists of comparisons of TikTok from different social platforms moreover it also consists of detailed explanations about why advertisements on TikTok have a much better engagement and conversion rates. The report is based on a test conducted by different neuro scientist that conducted experiments on different respondents between age 18 to 35, the test lasted for 24 minutes, in which the respondents were made to use TikTok and safe brain imaging technology was used on their brains, which is why this report contains details about different brain responses and reactions.

The report first highlights TikTok’s engagement and approach and compares it to that of other social media platforms. The reports suggest that approachability of TikTok advertisements is 44% more than that of ads on other platforms, higher approachability of advertisements means that any ad that runs on TikTok is more likely to be liked by users and will have a much higher conversion rate.

Over the past few years a lot of social marketers have had a lot of problems regarding engagements on their advertisements, this report suggests that advertisements on TikTok are 15% more engaging and has the highest correlation to memory, which means that advertisements that users watch on TikTok will stay in their minds for the longest time.

This increased approachability and engagement on TikTok advertisements is likely derived from TikTok’s immersive video experience which allows users to watch videos in full screen thus bringing out a stronger mental response on advertisements.

The report also contains details about a test in which TV ads were compared to that of TikTok, this was done in order to figure out which one of them sticks better into the minds of their viewers, TikTok ads proved to be much better and outperformed TV ads by 40%.

The last part of the report highlights TikTok’s continuous engagement which is something that gives TikTok an edge over all other social platforms. Social platforms have always strived to increase engagement on their ads however TikTok which is relatively newer has the highest engagement rate, all thanks to its short video format which creates continuous cycles of engagement and keeps the viewer attentive at all times unlike other platforms.

Marketing surely does depend upon a list of things apart from the platform which is being used however this report surely does prove that advertising on TikTok might be the best for your business. The insights of this report might push a lot of businesses to advertise on TikTok thus increasing the revenue TikTok generates.
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