Google Play Store to Pass Through Major Policy Changes in The Coming Months

Google is not only big with its search engine but the company has vastly expanded and doing pretty well when it comes to its smartphone and applications as well. One such application which is a major pre-installed part of all Android phones is the Play Store, without which honestly using a smartphone won’t be as fun.

Google realizes that the Play Store plays a huge part in the lives of all smartphone users because that is specifically the place which allows them to download other different applications and like every other software which Google is particular about, it brought some important changes in the Play Store as well.

The company is bringing some policy changes (as hinted earlier) for all the applications that are present on the Play Store. The new policy changes specifically highlight the metadata part of any application which contains the app title, its icon and its developers.

According to the new policy all app titles will now be less than 30 characters short. Google will keep a strict check and will allow applications to use specific keywords within their title or icon which somehow can affect the store performance or in any regards are a form of promotion and any graphic use which can mislead the users about the game will be banned.

According to the company, these new rules will be implemented from the second half of 2021. The company has stated that as soon as these new policies are launched, the platform will start digging out applications and developers which are not following the rules.

So in case you are an app developer and your app does not sit well with any one of the above mentioned policies now is the time to change.

Apart from this changes are being brought in the listing preview assets of Google Play Store around the same time frame too.

The assets include anything like screenshots, videos, images, description which helps the developers portray what their application is basically about.

According to the new guidelines, the assets which the developers will now insert on the Google Play Store should accurately describe what the game or app is about. The company in their update policy has also stated very clearly that the use of luring words like best or free should not be used instead descriptions should be meaningful and understandable. Both these factors will help users to get an idea what the app is about and this will help them in taking their decision about whether to install it or not. Any developer which fails to follow this new policy their application will be ineligible for promotions and sponsors on other major platforms.

The new updates policy is expected to go live from September 29th, 2021.

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