TikTok wants to grow its users by offering a feature that allows users to sync their Facebook friends

Over the COVID-19 Pandemic, TikTok stepped into the social media world and with easier editing skills, increased customer response and giving a chance to everyone to become a content creator and a star. TikTok was welcomed with a warm response and an audience that rivaled the likes of Facebook, Reddit and Twitter that took more than a decade to build.

The popularity of TikTok not only attracted the local content creators but celebrities from all walks of life joined in for a piece of the pie including Robert Lewandowski, Conner McGregor, Priyanka Chopra amongst many. However, as things have started to return to normal and the extra time that was once the catalyst is now seeping away, the furnace of TikTok seems to be on low flame and actions were called upon by the minds at TikTok to stop the application from going amongst those of a one time fling.

In order to achieve their objective, TikTok has introduced a series of reforms that gave more revenue to the users and attracted them by referral points. Even though this brought the social media application to a soft spot, the growth that was once exponential was weak now.

In a bid to achieve a greater audience, TikTok turned to its rival's audience and attempted to leach on the lowering credibility of Facebook as a social media application. This act of TikTok was highlighted by Matt Navarra and brought to Social Media.

The posts of Matt about the incident involved a screenshot that indicated the attempt of TikTok overstepping the bounds as it asked not only to sync the user’s contacts but also attempts to ask for permission to sync to the Facebook friends list.

The thinking emoji on Matt’s post encapsulated the reaction of us all as the attempt by TikTok was felt out of line and not required as TikTok is suspected by most to be the most widely used social media app by the later decade. However, it might be the greed for an increased audience that would mark the end of TikTok and its reign over the market. Even though we are sure that there would be developments in this case, it is absolutely certain that this would not be reacted silently by Facebook or the community.

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