WhatsApp intends to give banned users a second chance

WhatsApp boasts a user base of over 2 billion people across 100+ nations of the world, making it the most popular messaging service. “With great power comes great responsibility” and the world is highly critical of how you handle that responsibility when you have almost a third of the population utilizing your services. To retain its prestige and to stay at the top of the food chain, WhatsApp has to ensure that it keeps its platform user friendly and rolls out features that are favorably received by the users. Apart from all tech suaveness, like all social media platforms WhatsApp has a responsibility to do its best to ensure cyber security of its users.

In the pursuit of justice, historically, someone or the other has been wronged, some irreparably, some not. This voluntary or involuntary subversion of justice led to the formation of the Appeals court, to give people another shot at justice. Today, in the digital age, some justice is dished out from behind a screen and from behind a global technological giant or two.

To maintain the integrity of their social media platforms, tech giants put in place stringent security measures and checks to ensure the healthiest possible environment. Cyber bullying, abuse, spams and scams are a common sight on these platforms, that make it a toxic place and lead to people choosing to stay away and protect their mental health. Falling usership is bad for business and hence the abuse and spam controls are enforced.

Impersonal justice can often be a victim of misrepresentation of facts and of miscommunication leading to decisions being taken that end up vilifying the innocent. Damage to reputation, and mental health are the worst case scenarios when something like this happens and potentially open up the corporations to expensive lawsuits so it is imperative that these decisions and rulings are taken with the utmost integrity and attentiveness.

To give themselves and their users some room to breathe and in a way acknowledging that they are not infallible, WhatsApp, as per WABI, is now testing a feature to get your account reviewed, 24 hours of review later you either get your banned account restored back to you, or you end up getting it deleted altogether. The positives this update entails are limitless, this ensures that even if justice meted out at first is unjust, the users have another chance, another opportunity to see their rights upheld and gives WhatsApp a measure of dependability.

The feature has only been seen in the public beta version of the iOS WhatsApp but if met with no reservations and good reviews will (hopefully) be seen in all platforms and OS.

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