Social Media misdemeanors take a toll; MIT report suggests possible solutions to combat

There have been various misconducts circulating on social media. It is not just a single platform being subjected, but the whole chain is under attack. Different evil activities include the spread of false information and privacy threats. These are a hot topic on every politician's brand leading to strong deploration of social media.

In a recent meeting in Massachusetts, primarily due to the upcoming elections, certain researchers joined hands to come up with possible solutions to combat the corruption going on. The result was a 17-page long report discussing the problems with all the possible solutions.

The first issue addressed was the spread of fake news and incorrect information. Since we all have bigger ears for gossip involving all the juiciest details, we are mostly subjected to false information that we wholeheartedly believe in. In a research study, it was found out that fake news is 70 percent more likely to be spread than authentic ‘boring’ one. The possible solution suggested was catching the wrong-doers through algorithms with a researcher claiming that, ‘we know who they are, we just don’t take action.’

The second problem was maintaining the perfect balance between user privacy and platform transparency. While both are essential for maximum impact on security, often platforms focus on either element a tad bit much while unconsciously disregarding the other. The paradox can be overcome by algorithm transparency and the education on how to not share personal information on such platforms in case it is stolen or misused.

Having everything monetized to the extent that even friendly scrolling turns into business projects is also a huge problem. Social media platforms have been so focused on rolling up their revenue that the whole purpose of it seems to be lost. The economy should not be the primary aim, instead, platforms should try turning their services to subscription-based instead of ad-based. This could go either way since all the authentic information could then be stored behind the subscription barrier, which would kind of defeat the idea.

Algorithms aren't as supportive as they should be, promoting racism, bias, and polarization instead of human rights and democracy. According to a researcher, these platforms are run by companies that are pretty bias and promote subjects of misconduct, popularizing them while the authentic stuff gets overshadowed. Although this issue seems to be the greatest, no such solution was suggested. Instead, another body claimed that the problem here is the ability to retweet or re-share whatever one wants which leads to the spread of such misinformation. While they play the blame game, we believe removing the roots of the wrong here is what's necessary.

There is a lot more wrong in the world with social media being the witch’s pot where all of the craftiness is conjured. We believe the only solution is to correct one’s self and of course, the algorithms.

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