This Chrome feature might help users to save time while reopening accidentally closed tabs

In the last 20 years, one company that has survived all the competition and challenges and has managed to climb on top of the list of the best companies is ‘Google’. One might wonder about what is it that makes Google the best company and live in the hearts of its users, well the primary reason for this is Google’s ability to be user centric, Google never fails to identify user problems, pain points and issues and then solve them.

Google has always tried to make each and every one of its product to be perfect for its users which is the reason why people prefer Google over anything else. Recently the company is working on solving a problem that its users have been facing for a very long time, every person that uses google might have experienced a frustrating moment where they wanted to open a new tab but accidently clicked on the cross button on the other tab that was opened causing the tab to close, this surely is something that destroys the users experience and waste the users time since users then have to search the whole thing again and wait for it to load, which surely takes time if the web pages are heavy or the internet speed is slow.

Now the company is working on bringing a solution for the problem, AndroidPolice has spotted three new commits on the ‘Chromium Gerrit’, which is a code collaboration website. These are designed to make a user that accidently closes a tab quickly open them back without having to wait for them to load once again. This means that now when you close a recent tab or Google chrome accidently you would be able to open them again without wasting any time, however for the accidently closed tabs to be opened quickly, you would have to click on the restore button within 15 seconds of closing the tabs. With the new codes, Chrome will no clear closed page from its memory immediately but will save it for some time in case the user decides to open it once again.

This new feature isn’t released nor is it being tested, however in the future we might see this feature on Chrome’s desktop app. This feature will prove to be very beneficial for people that like to open multiple tabs while using chrome on their desktop. This new feature would surely enhance Chrome’s user experience and will probably pull new users towards Chrome once it is released.
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