Snapchat introduces a new feature that offers its users much more control over what the advertisements they want to see

While social networks like Facebook and Twitter that included textual communication were on the rise, Snapchat was the application that came in and created a big user base for itself. Today almost every other person uses the application to send other people snaps of different things. Since its launch, Snapchat has been one interesting application, Snapchat's constant updates and new features make the application stand out from the rest and become users favorite.

Snapchat in the past have brought out updates that make the app interesting and easier to use, which is why it is considered as a company that is user centric. Snapchat recently added a new feature that seconded this statement and proved yet again that snapchat values its user experience over everything else.

So what is the new update you might ask, well on Wednesday, Snapchat released a new feature that offered more control to Snapchat users, with the new update users were able to control the category of advertisements they see on the platform.

When Snapchat opened its doors to advertisers, it used user information to allow advertisers to display their advertisements to selective users. Snapchat did this by collecting user information from different sources and combining them to know about the user's interest. Snapchat's way of collecting user interest made the advertisements on the application really effective. This collection of user data for advertisements isn't something that every user has to agree upon, users can go to their ad preferences option and turn off this feature this not allowing the app to take information.

Now with the new update, Snapchat users can largely control the advertisements they want to see, users can block out advertisements that include sensitive products like alcohol, politics and gambling thus making the application a lot more user and children friendly.

Apart from letting users block out advertisements that they don't want to see, Snapchat now will also give its users the ability to report any advertisement that they find offensive or wrong, once reported the advertisement will be thoroughly reviewed by Snapchat, this new option will surely make users feel like they are valued at Snapchat.

This new way of users controlling their advertisements might prove to be a win-win situation for Snapchat since the new feature might attract a lot of new users, moreover businesses would love to advertise on the app since reaching a target audience is now significantly easier.

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