Consumer spending on Google Play and Apple App Store Apps crosses $64 Billion in 2021 (So Far)

Consumer spending has seen several ups and downs in the span of 2021, starting high and then declining at a steady rate. In the first half, the spending sum hit a hefty peak of $64.9 billion according to an analysis of the Google Play and Apple App Store by SensorTower. Both iOS and Android showed a noticeable increase in the purchases on apps as compared to last year.

Experts believe the change was due to the Covid-19 which was further confirmed when the pandemic came towards an end and there was a prominent decline in consumer spending in mobile app purchasing. Furthermore, there is little to no growth observed.

When compared, Apple had a far greater result than Android, rounding off to a figure of $41.5 billion in the first half alone while Android managed to secure only $23.4 billion. Android then covered up its losses by jumping to a 30% increase. This was due to the prevalence of mobile usage in the pandemic, hence the increase was noticed majorly in areas where there was a strict lockdown.

The most popular app which did bring in a lot of consumers, of course, was TikTok, followed closely by YouTube and then Tinder.

Since gaming significantly increased last year, it wasn't a surprise that gaming contributed the largest share, accounting for 44.7 Billion in the first half. The popularity of PUBG, Roblox, and Coinmaster skyrocketed in 2020 while mobile downloads significantly lowered this year-round.

It was also observed that new apps were frequently explored and downloaded last year, giving young developers a chance to earn but the rate majorly lowered this year as the growth of only 1.7% was seen.

Games were downloaded less in 2021 while users turned towards non-game apps (i.e. social media apps) more as work resumed. App Store observed that even these non-game applications saw a declining trend with a plunge of 10.9%.

Since iOS was dominant last year, Android flourished this year as the pandemic remained persistent in countries with an Android dense population hence both non-game and gaming applications made Google play beat App Store by being 3.5 times ahead.

TikTok was seen to invite the most users - 384.6 million new ones, a pretty big accomplishment for a non-gaming application. The top five also included Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and Telegram. It should be noted that YouTube didn't even make it to the top 5.

2020 was a productive year for both Android and iOS while 2021 proves to be in Android's favor only as seen by the 22.8% fall of game downloads on iOS as compared to the 3.9% increase in Android in 2021.

We have yet to see how the pandemic rolls out and whether these losses will deem to be obstructive for iOS or Android.
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