Snapchat Highlights How Snap Lets You Connect with Friends Easily

Snapchat, the cool yellow platform with cute filters and a whole lot of other features just claimed on this Friendship day that it is the application which allows friends to stay together despite the distances.

The social media platform, on Friendship day, on Friday 30th August stated that the previous year where majority of the world was confided within their houses due to the pandemic and no one could meet or hug their loved ones, family and friends, Snapchat helped make this distance and apartness easier for them.

The platform claimed that though other platforms allow socializing on a wider scale, Snapchat offers more intimate and small scale circles. Why is that?

Well, on all social media platforms, you have hundreds of followers and friends added on your profile, who can see whatever you share, like or comment on (unless you update your settings as your requirements), however, Snapchat without any settings lets you engage with your close circle only. You can send a snap to only those you select and have conversations within group and individually. The best part is that in case the conversations aren’t something you want to keep it gets deleted itself.

Apart from this, over the past year, 77 percent of Snap users have started to use more snap filters to take pictures and almost 3 out of 4 snap chatters communicate with their friends via this application. The new addition of Bitmoji was also appreciated by the Snapfam, who say that it makes the experience on the app more fun.

The results were shared in the form of infographics, the breakdown of which is as follows:

The company survey results showed that people started appreciating friendships more this pandemic because while though pre Covid they could hang out with their friends and family all the time, the imposed lockdowns made them miss out on all the adventures and memories they could have made this past year, and also made them miss their faces.

That is when Snapchat came to rescue. The results showed that 70 percent snapchat users agreed that sharing snaps and videos with their friends during the pandemic made them feel more connected with them and their lives and hence it felt a little less like they were missing out. Some even claimed that this was their favorite app to connect with friends and while we all have our own opinions we all can agree that it’s nice to receive a video or snap from friends and see what they are doing.

Hence, the survey revealed snap was the easiest way for some users to stay in touch and that they felt a unique connection with the platform.

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