Facebook is collaborating with Ray-Ban to create smart AR glasses

In the last few years’ technology has largely grown. Almost all of daily tasks in one way or the other include technology and while tech is continuously growing, we are now becoming more and more dependent on it. With the advancement, many things are now being equipped with different kinds of technologies. This has caused a lot of companies that previously created non technological product, to move towards adding technology in their products.

A recent example is that of the infamous glasses brand ‘RayBan’. RayBan’s owner Essilor Luxottica has recently collaborated with the social giant Facebook and together the companies are planning to develop smart glasses.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this news saying that Facebook’s next hardware product would be the smart AR glasses that they are producing in collaboration with RayBan. Facebook would integrate the glasses with Augmented Reality features whereas the glasses frames would be developed by RayBan and would have RayBan’s iconic frames. This would give the glasses excellent AR technology as well as the classy look that RayBan offers.

Facebook since a longtime has been working on AR technology and currently has around 6000 employees in the AR and VR sector, which is much more than that of any social platform. The RayBan glasses is the company’s first step towards creating eyewear that augments the digital word with the physical world.

Zuckerberg in Facebook’s Q2 earning call, revealed even more details about the glasses. He revealed that the glasses have the iconic look and lets you do some pretty cool things. He also said that he is excited to see people wearing the glasses and see Augmented Reality making progress and that in the future glasses like these would contain a digital multiverse where users would be able to teleport using AR and VR technologies.

It was told that the glasses would be produced by a Franco-Italian firm, however no specific release timeline or specifications were revealed.

Facebook announced its plan to develop AR glasses in 2017 and since then has worked on many different projects related to it. In recent years the company has invested a whole lot of capital in the VR an AR industry. Facebook in recent years have acquired a VR company named “Oculus” and have released multiple VR products thus indicating that the company has even bigger plans for VR in the future.

Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

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