Instagram starts testing two interesting features on the app, the new features once released are expected to be a great help for online businesses

With the passage of time internet became more and more common, this caused social media applications and websites to gain a lot of popularity amongst users, as soon as they got access to the internet, a large population of people jumped onto social networks like Facebook and MySpace, people loved the idea of socializing through their screens, without meeting the other persons. This made companies like Facebook a whole lot of money and made it climb the list of the top companies. Later the internet got much more widespread than before and people acquired smartphones with cameras, this opened a whole lot of markets that needed to be catered, the founders of Instagram understood this and thus introduced Instagram as a photo sharing application in 2010.

Since its release, the company have brought about numerous updates to the application, the apps interesting updates and features are what made this app popular amongst users, just two years after the app was introduced, the social giant Facebook bought Instagram. After Facebook bought Instagram, the popularity of Instagram increased since Facebook brought about a lot of changes and updates into the app, updates and new features that Facebook made in the application surely did enhance the user experience of Instagram.

Facebook being a company that strives to make their products better and better for their users, still brings about regular updates on Instagram. Instagram is currently testing two new updates, both these updates will make the application more useful for businesses and individuals.

The first update is something that will change the way Instagram has always worked, previously the application only supported adding swipe up links on stories and that too for accounts that have more than ten thousand followers, however as Instagram started testing its new feature that allows users to include links in their stories, however these links will work different than the ones that users have swipe, instead these links will be embedded in stickers and user would have to tap on these stickers to go to the link. Since Instagram have been working to make the use of stickers more frequent on its app, this might just be another effort towards that. As per TV, this test is currently only available to very limited amount of users most of which are people that have a big amount of followers. The official release of this update is not yet disclosed and according to experts we will not see this feature on the app anytime soon.

Apart from this another update that the app is currently testing is giving users a ‘more like this’ button every time they see an advertisement on their feed, once released this update might help businesses become more discoverable while also giving users a much better shopping experience on the app, since users would be able to click in the ‘more like this’ button and compare prices and products easily thus making a good buying decision.

Both these new updates when released will surely help the businesses and increase the economic activity happening on the platform, since businesses big and small can use the new features to become more easily discoverable and to add product links in their story, thus making them a good amount of sales through Instagram.

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