Facebook is experimenting with a banner in Instagram feed to encourage users to try the special features of its platform

Instagram was introduced in 2010 and just after two years, Facebook took possession of this photo and video sharing platform for 1 Billion dollars. Although, many experts’ opinion at that time was that Facebook has spent extra money on such an app which is not making good revenue. Facebook made some modifications to the app and tried to grow this app individually from its parent company and this technique worked well and now Instagram has become the 6th most visited website in the world with an estimated net worth of 100 Billion dollars. Now the parent company wants to make deep bonds with Instagram as the recent report says that Facebook is experimenting with a new banner in Instagram’s user feed to prompt its users to try out the features that are merely accessible on Facebook, as reported by Engadget.

Facebook wants to make Instagram users aware of the variety of features that are accessible on its main platform such as how to search for a job, buying and selling items, dating, and many more. The parent company has stated that this is a trivial test right now for those people who have affiliated their Instagram account with Facebook; however, the platform may extend the notification in the future after taking the feedback from the users. If the parent company receives positive response from the users it will surely enlarge these notifications.

Facebook wants to bring the users of its owned app to its platform as Instagram has also a large number of users. Not only that, Facebook has made further strategies to amalgamate its owned platforms that will make it convenient for the people to connect their accounts and they will be able to upload cross stories. According to the report of Engadget, the anonymous book claimed prior year that the co-founder of Facebook is much envious of the continued achievement of its own app. The data further shows that Instagram has even earned more revenue from its advertisement business than its parent company in some years. Therefore, Facebook can achieve further milestones in the future if it is closely connected with its owned app.

Photo: Photothek via Getty Images

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