DuckDuckGo, all Set to Rescue Your Tracked Emails from Advertisement Companies

DuckyDuckGo is an internet privacy company which aims to protect its users from any kind of mishaps online and to empathize and take its mission further it has come up with yet another feature which is going to protect users from email scams which we often collide with.

DuckyDuckGo is planning to launch an email protection service which will ensure that no emails which has trackers installed in it reach your inboxes.

A lot of times when you receive emails from different individuals and companies, it has a tracker set within which helps the ad companies keep a track on your email movements. This means that whenever you open that certain mail they will know, that what time it was that the email was opened, from what device, what location? Etc. and while you may think what benefit does this offer them, we'll let you know.

This helps companies create unofficial and fake profiles based on the data they collect and such data can also be provided to other third parties which is extremely dangerous.

Hence to avoid all this DuckyDuckGo came up with a plan.

If users create an email using, the wordings after the at the rate are a code that you want your emails to be filtered. This will make DuckyDuckGo to filter out any trackers that have been installed within your email before the email makes its way to your original provided account. Considering how this coding email can be used on your normal accounts as well is a plus as users will be able to protect their normal accounts from third parties too.

DuckyDuckGo assures users that the company does not store any data or emails within their systems. The messages are processed in memory and its work is only limited to receiving filtering and sending emails.

The best part about it is that if users start receiving a lot of spam emails, they can simply switch to a new account and get rid or delete off the old one. The information related to the old account will also be deleted from the systems after 30 days of the delete request.

However, this system is in its beta version which means it is only available to a small sum of users for testing purposes and it may take some time before it makes its way to you.

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