Report Indicates Rate of Mobile App Video Fraud Increased by 50 Percent in 2020

Double Verify (an analytics firm) conducted a study, the findings of which indicated that app based fraud increased by about 50% over the course of the past year or so. One of the biggest reasons why something like this is relevant has to do with the vast nature of the mobile ad industry. Mobile ad spends are expected to cross $150 billion over the next two years, and this means that there is a lot of money at stake if things like fraud continue to be as commonplace as they currently are.

The pandemic has made it so that mobile ad spends have skyrocketed even further since quite a few people are stuck at home with nowhere that they can actually end up going in the short term. In order to capitalize on this growing populace that have no choice but to use various kinds of apps in order to make things easier for themselves, apps are advertising a lot more heavily and this has resulted in a lot of malicious actors coming into the mix as well since they know that this spending frenzy is something that can pay off quite greatly for them in the long run.

Video based mobile apps seem to be the worst afflicted in this particular instance. The study revealed that there are around half a million examples of fake TV sets being connected to streaming services and the like in order to generate revenue for malicious actors, and it seems like bot fraud is increasing quite drastically as well which has resulted in a drastic uptick in CTV related scams.

Suffice it to say that the increase in fraud is something that is continuing to be a huge problem, and it will keep getting worse until and unless someone takes action against it as soon as possible.

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