The secret to Instagram earning has been shared by the influencers and is catching everyone by storm

As the biggest social media platform, Instagram has a fair number of influencers that work for different causes.

These causes are not limited to business practices but include social welfare, merchandise, and traveling amongst many. During the pandemic, even food influencers that were confined to their homes, explored their cooking skills and shared their experience with their followers over Instagram.

The biggest question that pondered over these influencers was their source of revenue and do they or do they not earn from being an influencer and social media personality on Instagram. To get those answers the folks at HypeAuditor conducted a research, where they sent a survey to around 1800 influencers for their source of earning.

As expected, not all of them were earning from Instagram, however, a good 48% of these influencers were involved in monetary transactions with Instagram. In the survey, it came true that these influencers were divided into 4 categories according to the amount they were paid and the number of followers they had.

The first category included was classified as nano influencers that had their followers limited to 10,000 and earned about an average of $1200 a month. These influencers were mostly up and coming into the scene of social media celebrity and influencing.

The second category was termed Micro-influencers with an average follower count of somewhere between 20,000 to 50,000 followers. This second category had a higher earning ratio of around $2000 a month and brushed as seasoned influencers.

The third category included veteran influencers and brought under the same term as micro-influencers. However, their follower count and earnings vary as this group estimates around 50,000 to 500,000 followers and earning potential of around $3500 a month.

The fourth category was one that included the grand celebrities of over 500,000 celebrities including the likes of Bella Porch and several others. This category bagged in around 5 times that of micro-influencers estimating around $15000 a month with Instagram.

Summing it all up, influencers mentioned that the major chunk of their revenue came from brand deals and advertisements and this came as no surprise in the modern world where branding and advertisement are on social media websites, influencers, celebs, and athletes and not on paper or television.

The takeaways of the survey included that the social media website’s earning per post varies from the category and the major chunk of their revenue even in the COVID-19 world was brand deals. Unlike other industries, influencers started to earn more in lockdown as people often turned to social media websites for online shopping and will continue to do so in the modern world.

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