InstaCart is Getting a New CEO and She Happens to Be a Former Facebook Executive

Instacart might be getting a new CEO was something you must have heard if you're into the social app business world. However, the news is now official.

Instacart is an American grocery delivery and pick up company operating in the United States and Canadian regions. The delivery service has been flourishing in terms of its food delivery services and has accomplished a lot of milestones and now was the time to bring some changes in the team leads. Instacart's founder and the current CEO happens to be Apoorva Mehta who according to news is now stepping down from the CEO chair and moving into the position of the executive chairman of the board. While Apoorva has always been a strong leadership character for the company since its launch in 2012, the company is still in good hands.

The new CEO is someone you might be aware about. Fidji Simo, a 35-year-old who previously was a senior most executive at Facebook is taking over the CEO seat.

Fidji Simo is yet another strong female candidate operating in the social media world with her roots joined to Facebook executive team prior to join Instacart where she was the first woman on the board earlier this year.

When Fidji Simo was asked about her sentiments on taking over such a strong leadership role, she described her excitement saying that when she left Facebook and joined Instacart, she was really intrigued and blown away by the ideas Apoorva had for her company and considering how both of them seemed to have the same mindset with the future of Instacart, it looked like a promising job.

According to her when she worked on Facebook she saw a lot of small buildings flourishing through Facebook's ad system and with Instacart she has observed over the hears that not only small food businesses join the platform for exposure but a lot of new small food joints are also holding onto the hope that through this app they can start a business and achieve an audience as well.

Fidji plans on taking a new role soon and she hopes that she can bring the best possible changes to the company. The old and new CEO representation clearly shows how women have managed to achieve so much in the business world and create a name for themselves despite all the hurdles in their way and it is great to see such a woman dominated and leading business flourishing so well.

The new CEO will be taking over in the beginning of August and she has a lot of hopes for the platforms future achievements and we sincerely hope she can take the right track and do justice with the position she has been given

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