Facebook executive Dan Levy explains their business strategies to create a more personalized experience

Since the pandemic resulted in the greatest outburst of eCommerce and online business opportunities, Facebook took this chance to enhance their services to serve users better. Facebook executive Dan Levy mentioned how the migration to eCommerce that might naturally have taken a decade, was done within the past year.

Levy claims that it is high time to inform the users of their rights and ways not to get exploited while giving them just the right tools for the best marketing experience.

He stated that the first area to be worked on is the security branch. The platform is developing new features that will minimize the amount of data being extracted from customers while giving them the best experience and targeted market through ads.

The second area that the platform is now focusing on is brand discovery. Levy mentioned how there are 200 million free users while only 10 million are using paid services to market their products. The executive failed to mention which of the two are more visible. Facebook is also working on easing up the browsing experience through a new feature that would enable users to directly click on beauty, makeup, or such niches.

The platform is also focusing on small brand and minority communities, by improving their reach. The company claims that more than 3.5 million people have now joined black-group communities for better support. Facebook will also start placing small badges indicating the business to be a small one that would encourage users to be aware and help those communities grow.

Levy did not fail to mention how even after the pandemic ends, eCommerce will not reduce significantly resulting in the continued growth of such platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

The brand is now testing out augmented reality ads that will enable people to try on their products online. This aims to create a much real environment for clients in the future. Facebook's primary goal now is to create an online selling setup that will enable every single detail to be taken care of within the comfort of your home including product browsing, payment, trial, testing, and everything one hopes for.

Levy claimed the company is producing all it can for maximum efficiency not just for buyers, but for sellers as well. It aims to give the optimum tools to marketers to create a much easier experience which will earn them a spot on the board by limiting the management.

Finally, the executive claimed that even though the changes are frequent and fast, the goal remains the same; to provide authentic and genuine ways to build meaningful connections. The platform aims to build a setting that is not only efficient but transparent and secure at the same time. And as far as we can judge, Facebook is succeeding in all of its primary goals. The opportunities it is providing to users are beyond what one asked for, making it the leading platform to date.

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