In response to the lawsuit filed against Google, the tech giant tried to make goalposts shift

Not even 24 hours has passed since Google was sued by a number of sates in US. It was done in a Federal Court based on the accusations for untrustworthy actions and mentioning its fees collection for distributing applications on Google’s Play Store. In response to the filed suit, Google posted a blog post in nuh-uh counter.

The blog post enlightened common Android features, it explained that it is up to the user if they want to avail Google Play services or not. According to the post users can easily install applications or app stores directly from the developer’s Website and this could be one of the reasons why Android is considered to be more open and offering a wide range of variety. They even told that charges deducted by Google are almost as similar to the one taken by Apple's App Store or Samsung Galaxy Store this is why Google’s Play Store is able to give tough competition to other stores.

However, based on the information stated in this blog post, it seems like that Google believes that there readers are still not aware of the actual reasons for the suit. The suit states that the process of letting a new application on Play Store is unjust and accused it for favoritism. The suit explained that Google creates certain environment in which users prefers to stick with the services provided by Google itself
The complain launched against Google, didn’t even talk about how conservative iOS is as it doesn’t even allow third party access. This could give rise to a whole new level of disagreement between Google and the complainer.

Unlike Apple’s App Store where the generated revenue through application is shared with large scale tech organizations. Whereas for Google, 97% of the app developers do not pay anything to Play Store. Only a small number of developers do pay for their applications, and 99% of these developers fall under the new revenue split of about 15%. The blog added by Google thoroughly talked about this and even mentioned big names including Fortnite. According to the tech giant Google, this complain was made only under the influence of some large scale companies so they can get a much bigger share of revenue.

The blog post is a proof that Google will keep explaining its side and will take this law suit seriously and will clear all the accusations made that Google is involved in favoritism and untrustworthy actions.

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