Book claims the partnership between the two most influential officials of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl is not so strong due to the policy issues

The name of the book is “the ugly truth” where 2 writers have exposed some facts that these 2 influential executive officials of the company have segregated secretly due to some policy concerns, as per NYT. These authors have gathered witnesses from the previous and current staff in the hierarchy of the giant company regarding strategy concerns. These writers have revealed that these two executives’ officials are meeting with each other in front after every few days and they even remain confidential and proficient during their discussion as some of the close people have said, but the fact is opposite to these claims. The status of their relationship has not the same now as it was before.

The extracts of the book say that the CEO of the giant platform is not much influenced by the view of COO Sheryl Sandberg; however, things were completely different more than a decade ago when Mark hired her for the first time and now he is still not impressed how Sheryl is dealing the public affairs concerning to the situation of election and some other outrages. However, the representative has completely denied these claims by saying that the authors have made a factual story which is grounded on choosy interviews, most of them are from disbelieving people with selected realities.

The company’s spokesperson further stated that these are false claims and have no concern with relationship of these two executives as Sheryl has collaborated in every report with Mark Zuckerberg and her rank within the organization is still the same as it was before. This false statement in the book shows disrepute to the power of women’s leadership. Writers of the book also disagreed with the point of spokesperson by saying that the CEO hired Sheryl due to her expertise in political matters but when Mark came to know that Sheryl does not like the former president of the US Donald Trump, he took political verdicts himself.

These disagreements continue from both sides as the company again disagreed with the authors’ remarks that Sheryl is less involved in the political stuff. The company said that Nick Clegg was also recruited by the joint decision of CEO Mark and company’s COO Sheryl. Single plug that did involve additional time-period, contemplation was actually the flow on the company of a modified video content which alleged to appear Narrator of the House arguing. Later a protracted deliberation course, the CEO decided to remain such video on the platform, whereas the COO suggested removing the video-content due to misinformation.

Writers currently said that this depicts the affiliation amid these 2 officials and when Sheryl was asked about the policy problems of the social platform she shielded the verdicts of the company but later she said it afterward that she felt disgrace due to that defense in favor of the company.

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