Indian government stated that Twitter has lost the liability protection in the country over the content of its users

According to the sources, Twitter app drops protection in Indian country over the content produced by its users as the Country’s Govt said in a court hearing that the US based company has not obeyed the newest regulations of the country. The PM’s administration has criticized the social app multiple times through a statement that the application has breached the new rules of the country.

It may be possible that the situation may create a hurdle for the company to do its business in the country as India has the third-highest number of Twitter users, about 18.8 million, and that will be a big loss if it does not obey the rules. The rigidity between the platform and India has increased a lot. However, Twitter is not the first giant company to stand against the Government, WhatsApp also reported a case against the Government of India that it tracks down the source of text-messages sent on its application and the WhatsApp argued that it is breaking the e2e encryption presented by the app’s service.

The Indian Information Technology ministry specified in the High Court about the non-obedience of the platform, resultantly, breaking the requirements of the Information Technology Act, instigating the US company to drop its fortification. This particle arose in a legal case submitted by the user of the platform who sought to grumble about purportedly offensive tweets on the company’s website and he also said that the US based Company is not ensuing the latest Govt instructions. Twitter rejected such remarks and ensured about trying to obey the rules of the Govt of India. The updated guidelines in India are operative from the mid of this 2021 intended to adapt the different type content on the social applications and that will make them further liable to a lawful appeal for quick confiscation of content and partaking specifics on the creator of chats.

The IT of India said that no company is exempted from these latest rules. During the last couple of weeks the animosity between the country and the company increased, the Indian Police has also reported 5 complaints against the executives of the company regarding the extreme content including pornography and a provocative map of the country. The court said that the government will be allowed to take necessary actions if the company does not follow the regulations of India. The police also included the name of the Twitter Topmost officer in the country of India but the High Court refused to take him in police custody due to the allegation that the social platform is dispersing detestation against the country.

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