People Have So Many Expectations from Summer 2021, After Being Confined to Their Homes for More Than a Year

With the pandemic on a high rise last year, the summer 2020 was pretty much spent within the four walls of the homes in confinement from the deadly virus.

Though, the virus took away one summer of people’s lives to confinement, this year people are more hopeful for a great summer considering how the vaccines have prominently rolled out throughout the world.

Twitter gathered its data and accumulated how the people are craving outdoor activities they couldn’t do during the past year and what they are looking forward to do in a pandemic free world. With all this data, Twitter managed to create an infographic, the breakdown of which is as follows:

With the movie theatres being closed for so long, the main focus people have in the near future is to go out and watch a load of movies in the nearby cinema. The movie percentage rose by 243 percent and while 79 percent more people also seem interested in going out for outdoor games again.

Apart from just going out, gathering within the homes was also banned due to which people could not host parties and now 71 percent people are looking forward to having barbeques and grilling with their friends and families.

54 percent are interested in more fashion industry materials, in which 70 percent voted for brands to be more positive while 65 percent wanted them to be more informative. 46 percent people according to the report will be going out for more beers and cocktails with friends while 26 percent are willing to travel a lot more than they used to considering how the world was narrowed down to so many travel restrictions to stop the virus from spreading.

People have expectations that the summer 2021 will be an amazing one, with them already being trapped in the houses for more than a year, the breath of fresh year and the summer sun will give them a sense of freedom which they are sure to enjoy.

It is great to see the world finally moving back to proper functionality after almost two years of messed up things. The roads and flights have opened up, the vaccine has rolled out, schools are slowly resuming and we are hopeful that slowly and gradually a more normal track will be acquired and we will lead our lives the same way we used to.

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