Sundar Pichai Reveals What It Takes To Be One Of The Top CEO In The Tech Industry

The Chief Executive Officer of Google, Sundar Pichai recently talked about his success and his message to the youth that desperately and eagerly want to follow in his footsteps. Sundar Pichai took to the BBC for the interview with the Media Editor Amol Rajan. The insightful interview between the two is not only insightful but provides a perspective from the point of view of the most viewed, followed, and dreamt of rags to riches story. He also talked about various other factors and topics floating in the technology market alongside passing his inspiration to others through the interview.

He started off the interview by recalling his simplistic middle-class lifestyle in his hometown of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. His journey from a boy in India to the CEO of the giant tech company was something marveled at by everyone. His grand paycheck of $281 million brought to question the advice he would like to give to the newbies coming. He attributed the first step to being a humble beginning and a modest character followed by the phrase of all time that brought the joy of the heart over the work of the mind. He followed suit by saying that to find the content of the heart is a journey that will end when the content is found and at a time that no one knows. With these wise words from Mr. Pichai the story of Colonel Sanders who started KFC at 67 comes to mind, pointing out that breakthroughs and big opportunities are to be accepted wholeheartedly at whatever age they come true knocking.

I've always felt you just need to more than what your mind says, you need to kind of figure out what your heart is excited by and it's a journey and you will know it when you find it and if you find that things tend to work out.
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He continued on stating the financial implications that came to light when his parents had to take a loan worth a year’s earning to send him to Stanford for his studies. He went on with his chance at the interview with Google on April Fools day back in 2004. At that time, Gmail was a new introduction and was invite-only to a few which left him clueless at the first few interviews he had until he was shown the interface by an interviewer that allowed him to answer ahead.

Apart from informing that he speaks with Mark Zuckerberg only when needed, Sundar Pichai went on to state that it is his early morning routine of waking up at 6:00 AM for a healthy jog workout and healthy breakfast is that keeps him at his toes followed by India’s favorite Tea in the mornings.

He wrapped up his habits and the interview by stating that he often consumes resources online and the Wall Street Journal is his go-to source for all information and the one that he regularly reads for business practices. Apart from that his online read is not limited to the states or India but includes publications from all over the world helping him in making the best decision for the tech giant.

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