WhatsApp is working on a modified version of View Once feature which will allow to set an expiry time limit, testing of large link preview is also under process

Lately, almost every other application is busy in working on new features to be added on their respective platforms, WhatsApp is also among these applications. Recently the end to end encrypted messaging service, WhatsApp has already been trending after they announced that the upcoming version of the application will be introducing a new Multiple Device feature through which more than one device can get linked with a single account.

WhatsApp also became a part of the trending topics after it was revealed that a new Instagram alike feature will also become a part of WhatsApp. This feature will allow the media being shared to be viewed only once. According to the WABetaInfo it will not only make sharing personal files more secure but will also help the receiver by saving up their device storage. Though it will only be a View Once feature, but still, it will be notifying the sender if the shared media has been viewed by the receiver or not.

However, the feature came out with a surprise, initially the feature was supposed to be a copy of Instagram’s View Once feature but as WABetaInfo the engineers at Whatsapp made some changes and also added a time limit. It the receiver won’t open the media on time then it will be expired and will not be able to be viewed again.

While the receiver will be notified about the media status, such as if the media is not opened on time and is expired then they will be notified about this as well. Unfortunately, if a screenshot is being taken then the sender will not be notified as screenshot detection is not available at this moment and it could be one of the drawbacks. The feature has been rolled out globally for Android users and will be available to everyone shortly.

Another feature that WABetaInfo highlighted is the testing phase of a new large link preview. Since it is still under development and is being tested then it can be expected that the feature might take some time before it rolls out for everyone.

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