Telegram comes out with interesting new features in its latest beta version

WhatsApp has been the number one online messaging application for quite a few years now. The app has around 2 billion monthly users and more people join in each day. While WhatsApp sure has a large user base and is constantly growing, user still have privacy concern with the app. The WhatsApp privacy concern started with WhatsApp policy changed. While WhatsApp changed its policies a whole lot of users switched to its alternative Telegram. This gave Telegram the boost it needed, users started realizing that Telegram not only provides better data privacy than WhatsApp but also has amazing features.

Telegram has since then risen up the charts and the company has now realized that it needs to make great updates to keep the numbers going. Recently Telegram developers have released an APK file of the beta version of Telegram. The beta version has four interesting new features that are yet to be released onto Telegram’s app store version.

The first feature is adjusting ‘playback speed’. This feature allows users to control speed of videos received or sent on Telegram. While watching a video, users can tap the top right button and select the speed option, once selected the speed option would give users four playback speed choices that includes 0.2x, 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, and 2x. The amount of playback speed choices aren’t as much as other video applications offer however would be helpful for slowing down or fastening a video. Just last month WhatsApp released a similar playback feature in its voice notes.

The second feature in Telegram’s latest beta version is something that has gained quite a lot of popularity since the COVID 19 breakout. If you have still not guessed it, its ‘screen sharing’. Telegram beta version allows users to share screen while on a 1 on 1 video call. Users during a video call, can access this feature by first turning their camera off and then clicking on the camera button once again, upon taping the camera button second time, users would get the option to choose between front/back camera and the phone’s screen. Upon selecting the ‘phone screen’ users see a red button on the top of their screen, the button indicates that the screen is being recorded and sent to the other person.

The third feature that’s been added is a minor change in apps chat history settings. The beta version now clears chat histories that are older than one month. This is a much longer time period since the app usually deletes chat history after a week. The fourth feature is the ability to play short videos while scrolling through messages. This feature would make short videos float around while users scroll up and down.

To try out these amazing new Telegram features, users would have to go to Microsoft App center and download Telegram beta’s APK.

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