With an extension of Branded content toggle, TikTok is trying to make content promotion more transparent

As TikTok has gained much fame during the past few years and all the eyes of the brands are now on this social platform because of the dramatic increase in the number of its users from all over the world. TikTok is now giving more priority to brands promotions just like its rival Facebook and Twitter. The social platform wants to enhance its partnerships exertions with brands. TikTok has recently extended the branded content (BC) toggle that will make the brand content more clear than before. The promoters will have to turn this on when they want to advertise the item in the video clips. The platform has further said that it will launch the policies soon regarding the brands’ content to assist the beta test of the BC switch in particular countries.

The toggle will allow the creator of the content to clearly add a revelation such as ads to the details of the video clip. The social platform has explained about this toggle that it will put an additional layer of disclosure to the video so that creators can easily turn it on when they want to promote a product on the platform. TikTok has further stated that it has introduced this brand toggle for the promotion of the products in few countries yet for those creators who have more than 10,000 followers, but soon it will be available in other regions of the world.

If the video creator adds the revelation to the description of the video clip such as an ad, the platform will automatically allow the toggle if it is accessible for such a creator. This is another step that can increase the advertisement business of the platform as it will shift the growing market existence into a money-producing machine. Now the main trial for the platform is to give similar monetization possibilities to Facebook and the biggest video platform YouTube to retain the best stars uploading their content on TikTok. This comprises a major impulsion into e-commerce and supporting the associations of brands. The Chinese app needs to confirm that whether creators are revealing the details in the video clip, and the BC toggle will support guaranteeing this clarity. It has become a legal obligation to provide details in some of the countries.

The platform has further stated that if creators are unable to get this toggle, they are still needed to give the details in the branded content video so that it will clarify the viewers. This small modification can assist the platform in increasing the brands’ collaboration efforts. For those who do not know how to turn on the toggle, they need to tap the more options and then click the BC and then switch it on.

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