Working experience with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome is going to change with the new Copy and Paste update

Control C and Control V are probably one of the most used shortcuts that helps is saving a lot of time. Copying and pasting is no doubt the shortest way to get things done. While every thing is already going online and use of devices such as computers, laptops and even smartphones is at its all time high rate, at this time, Microsoft and tech giant Google are working on a new Application Programming Interface (API), this new program will stretch the functional limit of copy paste feature.

Right now these two browsers only permit to copy a limited piece of text from the file format for applications such as HTML, JPG or PNG etc. While on the other hand, the new interface will increase the compatibility ratio for other files supporters including the big name of Microsoft’s Docx and the famous graphic design format of TIFF.

Once the program is released and gets globally accepted by the developers, the new program interface will let users to copy any file text among PWAs (short for Progressive Web Apps ) as well the pre installed software on Apple's macOS and Microsoft’s Windows including the portable platforms as well. The advantage of having this feature will be copying the documents through file explorer and pasting it directly on the web application of Google Documents.

Copying and pasting has an important significance while browsing websites. This is why Microsoft tried to improve this feature back when they released the Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge. They introduced a separate slot in Windows 10 for clipboard. This clipboard feature was solely designed for multimedia such as emojis, GIFS etc. Later it was further modified to hold images and other HTML media. While these feature were getting updated on Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Edge also observed some changes on its platform as well. One of them was the introduction of Link format option that will disable the overriding of any unnecessary format so the copied text could be pasted as a plain text.

Another feature is also being tested by Microsoft. This feature has been named as Shared Link feature and will allow the users to get their hands on a history page through which they can easily search the content that has been copied or shared by the user.

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