Google Chrome is adding a new sidebar that contains all bookmarked tabs and reading list pages

In today’s day and age, when a question or research on any topic comes up, there is one frequent answer to it and that is Google, since its launch in 1998, the company has captured markets so effectively that people start referring to the company as unbeatable. Google, what originally started as a search engine is now much more than that, the company has its roots spread out to every other digital and technology related product and within the past 20 years the company has managed to climb the list of the best companies and reach the top, now Google is the most visited website and has a monthly traffic of around 90.9 billion.

Google continue to invest in newer areas of technology while also constantly making its products better. Google has made a whole lot of updates to its Chrome browser, most of the updates in recent years have changed how the browser works, however a new update that is being tested is expected to slightly change the user interface of the browser and increase the usability of the ‘Bookmark’ and 'Reading List' feature, the bookmark feature allows users to save a certain webpage by clicking on a star sign on the top right of the screen, so that users can easily access that certain page the next time they want to go there.

As of now the webpages saved using the bookmark/reading list feature are accessed using a small star icon, however, Google is testing to include a sidebar that includes a list of all the pages and articles that you have bookmarked or added in the read later list, as of now this feature is only in the testing phase and not enabled on Chrome stable version, however if you want to try and use it you can do so by manually enabling a flag (chrome://flags/#side-panel) in Chrome Canary browser.

This new feature by Google will probably make the use of Bookmark feature common amongst users however will it affect the simplicity of Google, which has brought it above all competition, let us know about your opinion on this matter down in the comments.

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