Facebook Is Expanding Its Cloud Based Gaming Service, But Still Neglects iOS

Facebook is in the midst of expanding their cloud-based gaming service. However, this experience has yet to reach the likes of iOS devices.

The gaming industry has been going through a very large boom throughout the past decade or so. To be fair, the industry has been considered a lucrative source of income since the 80's, but the impact in today's day and time is more spread out. Now, it's not just the selling of titles and consoles that drives the economy. A lot of the spotlight is also being shared by the likes of online streamers, who play video games for the pleasure of an adoring live audience. Much like the world of competitive sports, e-sports has gained a huge following of fan. Accordingly, many platforms are capitalizing on this.

While platforms such as Twitch and YouTube seem like the perfect places for such gaming communities to flourish (the former is built for livestreams, the latter is the birthplace of traditional Let's Plays), Facebook isn't doing too badly either. With it's entire Gaming department, headed by Jason Rubin, the company's pushing heavily towards utilizing games for revenue. One of the ways this thought process takes form is the Facebook Gaming platform. By uniting a bunch of the world's best streamers and online celebrities, Facebook's creating it's own dedicated game streaming service. This is the sort of action that actively gives competition to the likes of Twitch and YouTube, platforms that are already well-established. However, the focus of this article is Facebook's other game related venture: cloud based gaming.

The purpose of Facebook's cloud based gaming service is to provide easy access to game titles for users across the platform. These games can have data saved online, allowing users to circumvent save files. Two individuals from across the globe can play against each other in multiplayer. And the service's games deliver upon a promise of being "fast". No lag or loading times here, the games work just fine on their own. Facebook is even collaborating with Ubisoft, a famous developer studio, to bring some mobile gaming apps to the cloud based platform and Android. This does, however, give rise to a question: why is cloud based gaming not compatible with iOS?

The idea's a no-brainer. Mobile gaming has been seeing a near-constant boom over the past 5 years or so. Numbers have been especially bolstered during the COVID-19 pandemic, as mobile usage increased. Developers have even started putting in more effort to create high quality games such as Genshin Impact, now that technological developments are ramping up. If Facebook wants to see its cloud based service to really encompass its potential, compatibility with iOS must be arranged for.

Photo: Nikolas Kokovlis/NurPhoto via Getty Images

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