According to the latest data these are the websites with the most user traffic in 2021

The rise in the use of Technology and Internet in the last two decades have given rise to the economic world and completely transformed it, now most of the top companies in the world are the ones that are related to technology and the internet, with in these past few decades there are a few companies that have made excellent web apps and products that made them climb on top of the digital world and add their name on the list of top companies, so which companies/websites are those? Well keep reading to find out the list of websites with the most number of users in the world which is made using data collected in the May of this year.

Well, if you are someone that has been using internet for quite a while and knows most things about it then you can easily guess the top 4 or 5 websites, so to make things interesting let’s start from the bottom of the list.

Well on the number tenth of the list we have 'xvideos' with 3.33 billion visits, this is an adult website and it being on the number tenth place shows how over the years the consumption of adult content has significantly increased and how this niche has become big market on the internet.

The website that comes right after no. 10 is the infamous ‘’, I think anyone that has been using the internet for a long time now must know about how the website once used to be the most famous email service, however after being on the top for a long time, yahoo lost its market share to its competitors, however being on the ninth number in this list with a user traffic of 3.63 billion, we can see how yahoo is working hard to regain its market share.

On the number eight and seven of this list we have websites of companies belonging to the right side of the world map, on the number eight spot we have ‘’ with over 3.69 billion users, the website is a Russian multinational which has a range of products that cater its users both online and offline, while on the seventh spot we have ‘’ with around 5.75 billion monthly visitors, this site is also a multinational with its headquarters located in China, the company primarily works on internet related products while also working in the artificial intelligence sector.

On the number sixth spot is the website we all see on the first page of any search result, as soon as search for information on any topic, well if you have still not guessed it its ‘Wikipedia’. Famous for being the biggest reservoir of information on the internet, the website has around 5.87 billion monthly users.

On the fifth, fourth and third of the list we have infamous social media apps, that every other person these days’ use, on the fifth position is Instagram which is the largest media sharing application with over 6.21 billion users, close to it is Twitter (with 6.75 billion visits) which is a micro-blogging website with a more professional approach and is usually used for discussion on serious topics and problems.

On the third position is Facebook, with over 22.38 billion users, the number difference is quite big when comparing the Twitter with Facebook.

Securing the second position on this list is the famous video hosting/sharing website ‘YouTube’ which has over 34.64 billion visitors monthly, the website has more the 30 million channels that post unique content every day making the website a huge sea of video content, users can find videos on every other topic on the website.

The website that is on the number first on this list is one that in today’s day and age is used by almost every one and there is a high probability that you are now reading this article while using it, the website is ‘’, being the best search engine out there with the best search results, Google has around 90.6 billion users a month, the difference between other website on this list and Google is quite big thus making it the most visited website in the world.

This data surely does provide us with multiple insights on the future of the internet, it is clear that social sites like Facebook and Instagram will be the ones that will get more users in the near future while adult websites will also notice an increase in their users. However, the presence of websites from Asia on this list shows how Asian countries are catching up and gaining more and more market share.

Ranked: The 10 Most Visited Websites in the World
Data courtesy of: Similarweb.

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