Google Chrome Integrates a better safety mechanism for its Web Store

Google, has always been at the spearhead of technological marvel as the tech giant that we all know. The company’s most recent development with the Chrome’s web store paved way for many security concerns and safety issues for the users.

The chrome web store is more prone to malicious software/extensions and untrustworthy developers as compared to the Google Play Store. Even though the Android Store is safer, the Chrome Web Store has had several problems stemming from the malign intent of developers that upload virus-induced software that not only steals consumers’ data but also causes them financial loss in this era of online realm.

Their recent attempt of policy update revealed to the general populace and developers in an a blog post that highlighted the efforts made by the company and underlined the updated policy. Chrome team outlined the set of three major policy updates of a more safe chrome web store.

The blog post identified the continuous efforts of Google over the years to help assist their users in downloading safe and helpful chrome extensions. In order to increase the efficiency of the chrome web store, Google has always initiated practices that work for the well-being of its users. These updates are aimed to decrease the deceptive tactics employed by developers

The first of these updates included the limiting of one on one extension downloads. This refers to the existence of one extension prompting a download of a second extension for better and more efficient working. This also restricted multiple extensions download at the same time. For example, while downloading a single extension, it will no longer be able to prompt you to download a second extension for the first one to work.

The second of these updates limited the selling capacity of extensions. This update restricted extensions from upselling other extensions and only limits them to utilize their own. This can be understood by the example, such that one extension can no longer advertise a second extension or product to the consumer.

The third of these updates was the one Google has practiced over several of its products and its introduction brought relief to those users whose Google IDs were hacked. The introduction of a two-step authentication process helped in streamlining the process of eliminating hacking. This was previously implemented in all Gmail accounts already.

Furthermore, Google has extended this policy of two-step authentication to Google Play Store as well in an attempt to regulate and make the store safe for users. The browsing giant Firefox also followed in head-on heels to integrate the two-step authentication for Firefox extension developers as well from March 2021.

These three steps by Google are just one of many to help secure the play stores under it and provide safe access to the users as well better resources and audience to the developer as well.

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