Research reveals increasing toxicity of social media platforms due to trolls and the personality traits that give rise to it

Over the years as social media platforms started to integrate themselves as an integral part of human interaction. With the increased availability of smartphones and devices to utilize these platforms, the saturation paved the way for an unruly deity to invade on the calm waves of friend groups and public circles on social media.

These abnormalities are termed as social media trolls, these define a person as well as their act of abhorrent disregard of feelings of affection and apathy. Over the years, this cult has been rampant across social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Reddit, and most dominantly Twitter.

In a bid to find a pattern and its resounding character traits BYU (Brigham Young University) in Utah, USA initiated a research involving four hundred Reddit users. The establishment of a correlation and the findings of the research were published in the journal, Social Media and Society by Professor Pamela Brubaker and Scott Church.

This research highlighted a core trait amongst all social media trolls. This horrific personality distraught is termed as the Dark Triad personality by psychologists and includes three characteristics that invade everyone's personal space.

Amongst the very first personal trait to develop in social media trolls are deep-rooted, anti-semantic, and apathetic narcissism. The top shelf stuff in which the individual is absolutely void of empathy and unaware of difficulties experienced by other individuals.

The second trait to develop was a hard-wired will to manipulate other individuals and gain power from swaying other people. Clinically termed as Machiavellianism, this personality trait signifies a great deal of manipulation by harsh words, taunts, and actions that etch themselves deep in the brain of the victim, harming their mental health and leaving them scarred.

The third personality trait to develop adds not only fuel to the fire but fissions it into a massive blast. The trait of schadenfreude or anti-social behavior where the troll not only scars the victim but gains pleasure doing so. This trait of enjoying the downhills of other individuals takes root and generates a domino effect of social media trolls.

Unlike the children playing cricket on the street, the very purpose of these trolls is to rattle the social spaces, project harm to the users of these platforms, and enjoy the chaos that ensues. These trolls are receptive to devastation and are only interested in typing death threats, hurling abuses, and emotionally scarring the victim.

Many who consider these trolls as sad and depressed victims of emotional and domestic abuse are often wrong. These are actual psychopaths who intend to damage the normals and ensue absolute destruction to the global social media community over Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook. Their number keeps on increasing over the years and social media platforms are becoming more toxic every day. The only solution is to ignore these trolls and live free of their ill comments

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