Google Chrome is testing a new search widget for Android Home Screen with multiple tiles along the search bar

Google has been playing around with features to make the user experience easier and we have accidentally stumbled across its most recent one. Chrome is now going to be displayed across your home screen as a widget, and the search bar is now going to have certain tiles underneath showing different areas of interest based on your recent searches.

Even though the widget is not completely functional yet, we have to admit it did show a lot of promise.

Since no such comment has been officially made by Google regarding Chrome’s new update, we are unsure when the widget will be completed nor do we know when we will be able to make use of it. For now, what we do know is how to make it appear on your home screen.

The Chrome Canary version is a must for this widget to be accessible. Once you've installed Canary browser on your Android device, next, head over to chrome://flags/#enable-quick-action-search-widget-android enable this flag and restart your browser. By now, the base has been set and the most important step needs to be done. Lastly, the widgets section needs a quick visit to enable the new feature. Of course, the update works only on Android and has not been seen on iOS to date. Also, the feature doesn't actually 'work' yet and is still under process.

If you keep the widget enabled on your home screen for long enough, it won't be long before you start seeing tiles from Google. You will then witness Chrome workers in action, making the widget useful by testing it out.

The widget will also display search tiles taken from your accounts. Your areas of interest will be highlighted and shown across as tiles in your home screen just beneath the search bar. Another great trait is its ability to sync across multiple devices. Of course, this gives you more accessibility from the comfort of your home screen!

It has been a while since Google has added any new widget updates for mobile users. Its most recent update was the upgrade of widgets to adapt more towards how users want them to; however, this was an exclusive desktop update. It is good to see Chrome finally adding ways to make mobile users happy as well.

We have yet to see how the new feature rolls out. For now, we have plastered the widget across our phone screens as we impatiently wait to see any new updates. If you want to watch Google Chrome workers in action as well, we recommend you to do so too.

H/T: Chrome Story.

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