Google Chrome Finally Tests Adding A Built-in Screenshot Capturing Feature Under Share Menu

Google, the technological giant of the 21st Century has dug its hand into every aspect of the digital world. With more than 108 accusations of tech firms and generational inspirations of new details, Google has been at the forefront of global digital change. Furthermore, they also stepped into the Operating System and Browsing world dominated by Microsoft and Apple and successfully launched the Chromebook, Android and Chrome. However, over these years of developments, Google finally realized the one imperative piece missing from their arsenal of Chrome was the native ability to take a screenshot in Google Chrome.

The importance of this was realized in the availability and sharing of information and how easy it was now to have plentiful information edited and doodled upon fairly easily. This also results in a fairly quick exchange of information as well as efficiency in terms of the mode of transfer especially when graphics and texts are jointly involved with the data that needs to be shared.

This report came through from Leo Varela through the popular social media platform Reddit on which he attached a few images to show the features and details of the screenshot options that the developers at Google are yet to release to the audience.

However, another user informed Redditors that there already exists an option to take screenshots on Chrome. Though it caught many by surprise, some moved forward stating that this option is deep in the developers area of the browser and is not user friendly or in layman terms to use. Furthermore, it is just a basic snapshot tool and does not allow doodling or cropping, something that is favorably looked after when there are mentions of the screenshot technology.

Coming back to Leo Varela's finding, he proposed that the feature would be available under the share menu with a dedicated screenshot icon. Currently, there are no final words for this much needed feature from the Chrome team as to how it will work and when it will be launched.

However, it is expected that the feature would be released as almost all of its competitors including Microsoft Edge have introduced this feature along with snipping options and annotation facilities. Knowing the work of Google and its ethics of competition, it is not long until we see the new feature in action surfing over social media platforms and communication. It is also expected that this feature might come with a few more feature updates that include a split tab option and multi account tracing as well.

Google Chrome Finally Tests Adding A Built-in Screenshot Capturing Feature Under Share Menu On Desktop

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