French regulator fined Google with $593 million

Tech giant Google is once again in the hot water in France and has been fined with $592.75 million. This is the third fine the company got charged with in the last three years. The basis for the latest fine is that the company failed to obey the instructions given by the news editors and publishers of the country.

Google has been accused by some of the big names of news publishing companies including, SEPM , APIG and AFP. According to these news houses, Google was not able to settle on common terms as the company couldn’t talk itself out under good faith. They failed to agree for the payment of online news content , this gives rise to the Neighboring rights that were formed by the European Union.

This is not the first time that Google has been accused with such charges. Over the last three years, the company has been fined with almost $10 billion in Europe. However, the 5 day hearing session in September against antitrust in European Union could lead Google to charge them with a $5.15 billion . Some sources revealed that the date for this hearing to begin has been decided and will start from 27th September and will followed for 5 days.

Google has been facing issues with the European Commission since back in 2018 after they said that Google is taking advantage of its position in Android devices in order to give competition to its rival companies.

Last month a formal probe was also opened by the United Kingdom’s Competition and Markets Authority(shortly known as CMA). This probe was opened in both Amazon and Google as result to the rising concerns that these platforms may not be able to filter news allowing fake news and reviews on their respective platforms. Moderators and regulators are not satisfied with the performance and are confused if both these companies are working hard enough to filter out the fake reviews or detect any pattern that may cause suspicion.

The same month also brought Google in front of the Antitrust of European Union once again, and was questioned that whether the company takes any measure so it can priorities its business over the rival advertisers or even news publishers. An investigation was launched to find if Google tampers anything by minimizing the third party access to user’s personal data that is required for targeting advertisements on different platforms either it be a website or an application. According to the charges, Google would save this data to be used by itself instead of getting used by other advertisers.

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