Facebook sides with Amazon for Global Internet Domination

The digital age is upon us and the world is shrinking into a more connected space. The titans of Amazon and SpaceX clash in a bid to be the first to provide the world with high-speed broadband anytime and anywhere. This not only provides them with dominance over the other but control over the content that users consume making the race all the more interesting and even more important. Recently, the spokesperson of Facebook and Amazon came together to inform that the former will be providing the latter with Facebook’s team of Satellite and Internet Experts.

This was expected out of Facebook as it was achieving no success whatsoever with the matter and this deal with Amazon was the final nail in the coffin of Facebook’s plan. Now these experts and Facebook itself are part of the plan to introduce low orbit satellites that would provide the globe with high-speed internet. Amazon has allocated an estimate of around $10 billion to this project.

Not only that, the Facebook team would be joining the 500 workforce of Amazon team that is already working on the idea. It is presumed that the deal not only included the experts but an idea of theirs that was imperative to the success of Amazon’s project bringing the entire idea into fruition.

The plan to launch these satellites was approved a year ago in June 2020 where the quote for a grand total of 3236 satellites is expected to be launched under Project Kuiper by Amazon. The spokesperson came forward to announce that the first stage of the plan would initiate with around 600 satellites in orbit.

Even Facebook had started accumulating data on the system as early as 2015 but its lack of a satellite launch system was one of its greatest troubles amongst many. The acquisition by Amazon seems to be the solution to the problems and the collaboration of Jeff Bezos’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s multi-billion dollar companies might initiate the provision of internet across the globe to every electronic device capable.

Even though there is trust in Amazon’s Project Kuiper, Facebook spokesperson came forward mentioning their intention to continue the efforts with Eutelsat and others in pursuit of provision of the internet. This came as a surprise to many as it was expected of Facebook to dedicate its one hundred percent to the collaboration with Amazon.

The race between SpaceX and Amazon continues but there is an absolute certainty that the provision of internet across the globe would not only provide equal resources to most individuals but may also provide exposure to otherwise unaware parties of the world. With OneWeb and Eutelsat also in the race, the winner as uncertain would be equally exciting.

H/T: TI.

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