Through a new feature of Facebook, group admins will be able to entitle the obliging members as subject matter specialists

Now through the new feature of Facebook, the group’s member will be able to approach the experts of the subject matter as now the admins of the group can entitle the member as the expert in the related subject through a badge. As we all know that the badges of administrators and moderators on Facebook Groups that differentiate them from normal members and somehow also provide them some powers as well, for instance, they can kick any member out of the group. The admins will be able to give the title to professionals of the relevant matter through special expert’s badges. The platform is also empowering administrators to search for specialists who are still not part of the group but have knowledge in the relevant matter.

After the launch of this feature, the group admins will be able to choose members as the specialists, and after the specialists take the new role they will be given a specific expert badge in the group. This will make it much convenient for the users to get the important information and they will be able to effortlessly read the comments of the experts instead of going in search for it. Facebook has further said that this expert badge will not provide any specific powers to the expert as the main aim of entitling these experts is to share their opinions in the relevant post. This will provide the experience of accommodating a live session of Q&A in the form of comments. Further, the members will not have to get the information from the wrong person who does not even have the knowledge in the specific field; instead, they will now be able to get credible information from the professionals.

The platform has started to test this latest option by allowing the members in the fitness and gaming sector to choose the topic of their interests in which they have the knowledge and expertise. The administrators will search for these experts in the relevant field and will ask them to join the group. The platform has said that it is also launching an auto-invite option for these professionals to join the group. Somehow this new option will help reduce the misinformation because many people will be able to get trustful information from the experts about the relevant matter. This will also make this platform a good place to share common interests with other people. The platform hosts many millions of groups where people share their expertise and the addition of experts will also help to a great level.

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