Facebook Takes A look into The Future with A Metaverse Platform

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and current CEO of Facebook has always been pretty vocal about the future of Facebook to his audience, sharing his thoughts and plans and what might become the future for all his applications and something like this happened this week while the CEO was sharing the quarterly results of Facebook with the investors.

The CEO mentioned that while Facebook is a great socializing place for people online right now, he plans on making it a metaverse in the future. If you are confused about what a Metaverse is, don’t worry, the CEO gave a brief description on it as well.

According to him, a metaverse is a place where users can be virtually present inside an environment and hang out, talk, play games or simply do anything with their friends within that virtual space. It is similar to being online, but instead of focusing on a screen, users will be able to experience it virtually through their avatars.

The question is how will that be possible? Well, most probably through specialized headsets or some other really cool device which they can wear to experience a virtual reality world.

This may look like a long shot in the future and way too far off for now, but the CEO does not want to miss any chance at bringing vast changes within the technology world. It may sound unrealistic to some, but Facebook was pretty late to jump on the application bandwagon and its online applications were pretty slow and buggy, before the CEO realized the importance of applications and worked towards their betterment. By that time, a lot of applications had already flourished in the market and though it is great that Facebook has managed to make its name among the top applications, the CEO does not want to miss a chance for great changes ever.

The company had bought Oculus in 2014, which was the best VR hardware set of the time and now when Roblox is the most updated gaming technology and which can be considered as a “metaverse world” and Facebook could not buy it considering it is public so it did the next best thing and bought Crayta which is an application similar to Roblox.

This shows us that Facebook is working towards creating a very different world of technology than what is present today and as the CEO said that mobiles are a platform of today and that Facebook is working for platforms of tomorrow.

Though, headsets are very common for many virtual reality games, we are not sure if people will be willing to wear such headsets for spatial internet but that is something to worry about in the future.

The thought is great and considering how huge of a tech giant Facebook is, we possibly maybe experiencing a different tech world than to the one you are experiencing currently reading this.

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