Facebook launches its Bulletin platform for content writers and creators

When Facebook was introduced, the internet and smartphones were not common and only a few people knew about technology, this makes Facebook an application that has been in the social media world for a long time. However in the last 20 years, internet and the use of technologies like smartphones have become so common that people are actually dependent on them, this increase in availability of internet and human dependence towards it have given rise to a whole lot of social applications and websites that have surely given a significant amount of competition to Facebook, however what is it that has made Facebook stood out over so many years of competition from other apps and stay on the number one position.

Well one primary reason that made Facebook stay at the top is Facebook's ability to identify its competition at an early stage and not just identifying it but also working towards creating features in its application that captures the market its competitors are trying to capture thus completely eliminating competition, apart from creating features to kill competition Facebook also sometimes spends big sums of money to buy them, which is exactly what Facebook did when it bought Instagram in 2012.

As the pandemic started, the whole world was under extreme difficulties and the pandemic proved to be the worse for business sector and the year of 2020 and 2021 is sure a difficult one for them, however both these years proved to be really profitable for the a relatively new iOS only social application 'Club house', the application was created and gained fame amongst users, all in the pandemic.

Different social applications like Facebook and Twitter understood that Clubhouse is a serious competition to them which is why they all made efforts and created features that made clubhouse lose the hype it had at the time it got popular.

The social giant Facebook knows that Clubhouse has unique features that can make Facebook users to migrate to clubhouse, which is why Facebook is developing something similar to clubhouse.

The newest thing that Facebook announced is one that is found on Clubhouse and is made to compete it, what is it you might wonder? Well, it is a new platform that Facebook has just announced, the websites name is 'Bulletin' and it is based on the system on which Clubhouse works.

As of now Facebook have made the platform available only in the US, moreover only people with a big audience on Facebook will be able to start a meeting on 'Bulletin'.

Facebook says that this is also an initiative towards making audiences feel more connected creators and give creators a space where they can communicate with their viewers.

Bulletin has a lot of features that are similar to its competitors like Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse, one of which is scheduled rooms, which allows creators to allot a certain time for their live and notify the audience prior to it.

With the launch of 'bulletin', Facebook have decided to bring constant updates to make it better.

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