Chrome's New Test Is Showing Recent Google Searches in New Tabs

A big part of Google’s business model is to make it so that its various users end up staying on their own platform for as long as possible. The company is testing a card to show users previous searches quite often of late so that these users can tie their research back to what they had previously been looking into, and one way in which this is being done is through cards that you would be able to see when you attempt to open up a new tab on Google Chrome.

This is a feature that allows you to continue your searching from where you might have left it previously, and you will be able to find the cards underneath your pinned websites when you end up opening a new tab. You can also customize these cards according to your preferences which can be a big help to you as it would enable you to obtain the specific information that you might require based on your search history.

The benefit that this can provide to Google is quite clear. For one thing, it will encourage users to continue searches that they might have previously been engaged in. It will also increase the amount of time that any given user might spend on Google’s own platform. The rather unique thing about this feature is that it will capture key words from your search query, sort them into categories and then enable you to continue your search accordingly.
This is something that shows the strength of Google’s AI, and it might prove to be useful for someone or the other that might lose their train of thought in the midst of making their searches. To others this might just be a stark reminder of how much Google truly knows about you and what it might do with this information.

If you are interested in testing this feature in action, all you need is Google Chrome Canary version, if already installed, you need to just tweak a few settings, open this page and enable it chrome://flags/#ntp-modules and also open this page chrome://flags/#ntp-recipe-tasks-module and from drop down menu (which reads Default) change it to "Enabled - Fake Data" (as shown in the screen shot below), now relaunch your browser. Trying opening a new tab and you'll be able to see a new card in that page.

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