Sharing revenue is now being tested with content creators through IGTV by Instagram

Facebook’s Instagram is about to offer the same pay rate offered by YouTube to its content creators. Having more than 1 billion users, Instagram is no doubt one of the most preferred social media application and since it attracts a lot of users on daily basis, it seems like Instagram is ready to share its revenue with those creators who helped making it one of the fastest growing application.

According to the news given by Axios, Instagram is planning to offer its content uploaders a part of the revenue generated on the platform with the help of the content creators through Instagram TV short for IGTV ads.

Since it is the beginning of a whole new monetization feature on this application, the developers decided to give a test run for a limited users only. This is why a small number of creators were shortlisted for being the first one to use IGTV Ads for generating revenue. This program has been going on successfully since it was released at the beginning of this month. The accounts who were shortlisted for being the first to experience were mostly of people with a large number of users including accounts of ATTN which is a famous America based media company . They also added Group Nine Media, famous for hosting big names such as PopSugar and NowThis.

The reason behind this new step could be the fact that since other application and media platforms were paying their creators based on the content being posted by them. Some of these platforms even included newly introduced applications such as Clubhouse, who recently became center of attention for helping their speakers out by funding them. This lead to frustration for some of the famous accounts on Instagram for not being able to make money from their content.

Hence to make sure that these users doesn’t leave the platform, Instagram may finally have realized the importance. To counter this problem and to help its users, Instagram announced a 55% share of the total revenue generated through IGTV ads. This division of revenue with the users is the same as the one provided by YouTube for its publishers.

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