TikTok extends the video time frame from 1 to 3 minutes - rolling out soon for everyone

TikTok is now extending its video time limit from 1 to 3 minutes meaning users will stay longer on the app.

TikTok has been one of the top contenders for some time now when it comes to keeping users engaged. The platform is known for its catchy and engaging 1-minute videos from creators all over the world. Although it does not have any substantial source of revenue, the accessibility of the platform makes it a target of easy-to-get fame all over the globe.

Most users would have already noticed the new TikTok initiative where videos last for 3 minutes instead of the usual 1 minute. The purpose behind the extension is to give creators more time and resources to create even better content.

TikTok is known because of its short videos so the decision to roll out longer ones does not seem as appealing as the app must've expected. Since creators would now be able to create 3-minute videos instead of rolling out parts, the element of curiosity and suspense would also dissipate.

On the contrary, YouTube’s focus on extending its video time really did pay off well and now there are hardly any videos less than the average 10-minute span. TikTok seems to be following in its footsteps but the dynamic of both the platforms is different so this might not turn out to be such a great idea.

The longer clips might also affect its algorithm which is the primary reason behind its escalating popularity. Since TikTok is going to release the feature for everyone soon, we assume there was no such technical hindrance in changing the whole algorithm.

The new approach means we will be seeing much more of these videos, meaning more TikTok time for everyone. The already engaging app will now glue users to their screens for hours - that is, if the extension turns out to be a success.

What we will not be seeing, however, are the viral short clips found on all other social media apps originating from TikTok. Since the videos would be longer, it would be harder to import them and even more difficult to post them.

These new videos have been out for a while now. TikTok claims the 3-minute videos have been rolling out since December which means you weren't mistaken when that TikTok video lasted forever instead of being done in a minute.

TikTok has only granted the new feature to top creators, for now, especially those playing around the 'cooking' niche. The platform promises to roll out the feature to every single user in the coming weeks and we cannot wait for it!

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