Facebook announces its collaboration with Meedan to combat the misleading information related to health and vaccines

Facebook has been accused many times of not taking effective steps against the misleading information related to health and vaccines. Recently, the president of the US gave a punitive note about the platform that it is “killing people” because it is not handling the fabricated information properly. The Government, health experts, and other regulators have increased their pressure on social platforms to cope with fake information about vaccines after the terror of the 4th wave of coronavirus, especially in America. Recently, the platform has announced its collaboration with a worldwide tech Meedan that will enable the platform’s fact-checking associates to take assistance from Meedan’s experts whenever they require about vaccines or health-related realities check.

The platform is now taking this issue very seriously; therefore it has increased its efforts to control the misinformation. According to Caroline Alexander (Facebook News Integrity Programs Manager), Meedan is going to host some training conferences amid its experts’ group including (surgeons, researchers, and other professionals) and the platform’s associates fact inspectors so that they can identify properly and fact-check misleading info. The platform is doing enough to end this virus as the vaccine acceptance ratio has risen among its users in America. The platform further said that more than 85% of its users in America have been vaccinated or want to be against this disease. Further, the partnership with tech Meedan will help a lot to reduce the false information from the platform.

Meedan’s Health Laboratory not only accumulates the study-based proofs from specialists but also provides realities checking training to cohorts that need assistance particularly on information associated with health. The platform has spent more than 84 Million Dollars on its facts checking exertions during the last 5 years. It depends on the external party fact inspector to control the false information instead of making harsher calls on contentious material. During the last year, the platform stated that it will not act any against anti-vaccine posts as it did against the misleading info relating to COVID-19. However, the platform took a reverse stance from the previous statement and said during the start of this year that it will take strict actions against the vaccines rejection posts.

As the numbers of cases are uplifting again in the US, therefore, news channels and social media platforms are encouraging people to get vaccinated and they are also trying hard to confront the misleading information related to health issues and vaccines.

Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

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