Facebook’s Oculus is working on integrating its headsets VR workout feature with Apple Health

Since the past 30 years’ technology and the internet has been experiencing a massive growth period. With the increase in the use of technology over the past few years, the amount of tech related companies have largely grown. Different companies have stepped in and created excellent products in their respective fields, this massive amount of new products coming out every now and then makes it necessary for every new product that comes out to work together with other products. This is called ‘integration’ and is extremely important for any technological device that comes out in this day and age.

When buying a tech related product integration is probably one factor that everyone thinks of, the more integrated a product is, the more utility it provides to its user. Big tech companies understand that the only way they can make their products succeed is by integrating them with the products of other tech related companies. A recent example is that of Facebook owned ‘Oculus’ which recently have started working on integrating its headsets with Apple Health, as reported by Bloomberg.

Apple Health feature is available on almost all Apple device such as iPhone, iPad and the Apple watch. Apple is a giant with over 1.65 billion active devices making Oculus’s integration with Apple a profitable decision.

Oculus since a long time has been working on interesting new features and the addition of Apple health in its VR workout is surely an interesting one. The details of this news were found by a developer named Steve Moser, in the Oculus iOS application. The details suggested that after the integration Oculus users would be able to sync their Oculus VR workout data with their Apple health mobile app, which would help adding important data such as calories burned in the Apple health application. Oculus users would also be able to view different data related to their workout in the Apple health application. Oculus headsets integration with Apple Health surely is good news for people that own both the devices.

The news of Apple’s integration with Oculus confused a lot of people since rumors suggest that Apple has been working on its own VR headsets which obviously will be a competitor to Oculus. People regarding this matter believe that Apple has taken this step to better collect its users Health data. As of now there is no officially announced date for these new Oculus features, but once they release they will surely have a positive effect on Oculus headsets sales.

Photo: JOSH EDELSON / AFP/Getty Images

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