Pinterest introduces shoppable pins thus introducing a new way for its creators to make money

The internet has grown a hundred folds over the last two decades. Internet helps us with almost all of our daily tasks. As humans we have become largely dependent on the Internet and we cannot imagine a day without it. While the internet has helped ease many things for humans it has allowed many people to earn a lot of money through it. People all over the world have built big businesses and earn a large amount of money through internet. There is a long list of things one can do to make money on the internet. One way that is largely famous amongst different internet users is ‘affiliate marketing’. Affiliate marketing is a model in which allows users to share links and generate leads for a company's products. Once a sale is made through the users link, it earns them a share of the profit. There are a whole lot of ecommerce websites that give out affiliate links thus making this an easy and effective way of earning money using.

Affiliate marketing is also widely popular on different social platforms such as YouTube which allows its creators to attach affiliate links with their videos. Another company that has recently started the use of affiliate links is Pinterest. The platform announced that it would let content creators on the platform earn money through promoting different products around the platform.

Creators on the platform would be able to do so with the help of shoppable pins, which are product pins embedded with the products affiliate link thus allowing creators on Pinterest make good amounts of money.

Apart from creators, businesses on Pinterest would also be able to upload their products pins on the platform, users would be able to click on product pins and make a purchase thus increasing the businesses revenue. The new update will possibly attract a lot of businesses to make accounts on Pinterest thus increasing shopping on the platform.

While other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram started their ecommerce efforts way back, it was expected that Pinterest will follow. Pinterest is expected to largely beat its competitors when it comes to shopping on the platform since Pinterest already promotes a wide variety of ideas and the new update would make it much easier for users to find products that are necessary to make different Pinterest ideas come to life.

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