Elon Musk Mocks Apple For Using Eco-Unfriendly Elements In iPhone And Mac Batteries

In the past few years, the fame and popularity of Elon Musk quickly rose and the name was up on every other person’s lips. Well, Musk sure is one genius, since the start of his career he has been creating revolutionary products. Elon’s first company was Zip2 which was created for online transactions and banking, the company later got the shape of what we know as ‘PayPal’ which surely did revolutionize ecommerce payments. Later after Elon sold Zip2, he invested into multiple companies such as Tesla. As of now Elon musk owns and actively work in various top tier companies such as SpaceX (including Starlink), Tesla (including SolarCity), The Boring Company, OpenAI, Neuralink. Elon currently has revolutionized the electric vehicle industry with Tesla’s high tech vehicles and is also actively working towards colonizing Mars.

Elon surely is a visionary and has reached the epitome of success. Elon despite his busy life, is very active on social media channels and has a large fan base. In recent years Elon’s Tweets and statements have proven to be really influential. An example of which is Bitcoin, which got largely devalued after Elon Musk tweeted about how his company ‘Tesla’ will not accept payments in Bitcoins since its mining uses non-renewable energy. This tweet also proves that Elon is a big advocate of creating renewable energy and does care a lot about the environment. Recently in Tesla’s quarterly meeting Elon criticized the tech giant Apple for using cobalt in its batteries which certainly is bad for the environment.

It all started when Elon was asked about Tesla’s plan to open third party supercharging, in a reply to the question Elon Musk referring to Apple, said that Tesla’s goal is not to build a “Walled Garden” (referring to Apple’s ecosystem) but to support sustainable energy. Right after the statement Elon fake coughed and took the name of ‘Apple’.

Apple name was brought up again when Elon was asked about Tesla’s supply chain, in his reply Elon said that while Apple uses 100% cobalt in iPhone and Mac batteries, Tesla uses none in its iron-phosphate packets and little to none in its nickel based packets. He also added that Tesla on an average uses only 2% cobalt in its batteries thus making Tesla much more environmental friendly.

Elon musk statements regarding Apple using cobalt batteries surely did bring a bit of negative criticism towards Apple, however it may not affect Apple’s sales.

Apple does have goals long term goals of eliminating the need of mining harmful materials such as Cobalt and use recyclable materials, however the company did not give out a statement regarding the short term solution of the Cobalt problem.

People also believe that Elon’s criticism towards Apple is derived from his competition with the company, since Apple is working towards creating electric vehicle thus being a tough competition to Tesla. Apple has also hired a lot of former Tesla employees thus the reason behind Elon calling Apple ‘Tesla’s graveyard’.

Apart from criticism towards Apple, Elon in the meeting also reminded the attendees of the time when he tried to sell Tesla to Apple, however Apple’s CEO ‘Tim Cook’ didn’t bother to reply to his email.

Photo: David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

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