Ever wonder which are the most visited websites and apps used across the world? Well their percentage usage can blow your mind

As the number of internet users is growing dramatically years after years, understanding the consumers’ actions online and in precise, the most visited websites and the most used applications have now become much pertinent than ever for e-commerce industries. Currently, social media platforms, messaging apps, and search engines are leading the entire list. According to the Datareportal's report, there are 7.87 billion people in the world, and about 56% of people are using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more. It means that these social websites have aggregately 4.48 billion active users (irrespective of their age) across the whole world. This trend has even increased during the pandemic situation when people were bound to stay home.

However, these percentage data have been calculated from worldwide internet users who visited the most websites and used apps in 2021, and their ages are between 16 to 64 years.

If we talk about the category of most visited websites and applications used globally, social networks will remain at the top of the list as their percentage visit is 95.7% and you be not be astonished by this percentage data as you know that social networks have become an important part of our daily routine as people think that socializing is more important than anything else. Messaging or chats platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. have a percentage usage of 95.2% that is pretty close to social networks. We mostly use these messaging platforms for communicating with our friends, family, and colleagues.

Search engines including (Google and Bing) have a percentage of 84.1%. The websites of search engines are also dominating the list as most people use these for getting the answers to their queries, as the report says that only Google receives 3.5 billion queries every day.

Shopping, Auctions, or Classifieds have a percentage of 59.7% as during the pandemic situation, people have increased their trends of online shopping. Map, Parking, and location services are on the 5th number with a percentage of 54.4%. While Emails have 50.9% as it is also a vital part of businesses as we communicate with clients, suppliers, customers, and other businesses through emails, therefore, their visits and usage have increased a lot.

The websites and apps of music have the 47.5% while news has 43.4%. Weather and entertainment also come very close as they have 41.3% and 40.7%. Games have 35.5% as the trend of online gaming and its streaming have uplifted now especially among the youngsters, many people visit websites to play online games and use apps for games such as PUBG, CODM, and Fortnite.

People are also interested in websites and apps of Food, Restaurants, and Recipes, so they have 33% app usage and web visits. Banking and Insurance have 28.8% while transportation services like Taxi, Bike, or scooter hires have 27.5%. Education and sports have 27.3% and 26.7%. Many people are now paying attention to websites and apps of fitness as they are spending more time at home so they have a percentage of 25.7%.

The websites and apps of Travel, Books, and Lifestyle & fashion come with quite the same percentage of 22.8%, 22.7%, and 22.6%.

Chart courtesy of Datareportal

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