Edward Snowden Saved The World Once And Is Now Exposing States To Do So Once More

Edward Snowden is considered a hero by many and a savior by most privacy savvy netizens. His fame is to an extent that a Hollywood movie captures his journey as he brought the NSA and its secrets on infringing on people’s privacy to the world. His reputation is also one of a computer genius and a celebrity in the world of political affairs.

Fairly recently, Edward Snowden resurfaced in the media in an interview with The Guardian. The conversation consists of Snowden’s explicit warning to all governments to stop abusing malware by states-backed hacking. He went on to state that such breaches of privacy not only raise insecurity in the people for the government but also has the ability to collect history changing intel.

Snowden’s theory of state sponsored spying brought ground when Israel’s Project Pegasus was scammed out towards the NSO Group that made invasive surveillance a reality and threatened almost everyone towards what the future is.

Snowden summarized this to the point that mobile phones and easy accessibility to electronic devices in this digital world will change the course of surveillance. He even went on to explicitly state that these spyware software and their ability to latch onto every cell phone are worse than intelligence gathering that agencies and spies conduct.

His explanations consisted of a law enforcement agency and its requirement to acquire a warrant to spy or tap the suspect. However, when tools like Pegasus allow the LEA’s to operate from behind the scenes, from a great distance and without any warrants, it is expected that such cases would happen more often. To the point that these might be abused to violate human rights and substantiate as a violation of the privacy of individuals.

His warnings substantiated to the point that Pegasus’ target link of fifty thousand users would increase to five million users in a very short time along with the ability to pinpoint malice getting faster if the work on such software is not stopped. The threat of such software is harmful to the point that ordinary citizens would find nothing to do apart from protesting and that too not over the phones that are surveyed.

He concluded the interview by comparing the software’s impact to that of a nuclear weapon and was not wrong in all honesty. Access to all information from an area of hostility could lead to cleansing by state forces and LEAs. Even the crisis going on across the world of Palestinians would take a huge blow as no news that the Israeli forces wouldn’t want could come out to the world and what we can assume is a genocide will run rampant across governments and their prejudices.

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